The Power of Others – What Should You Do?

When I look at my email I am inundated with promises my life will get better.  So Many ideas. So many choices. Many are good. For sure I can benefit myself by upgrading my skills, my habits and definitely my attitude.

These are ideas created with the intent to help me get better. And they will help. 

But, there is something else. Something I miss a lot of the time.  

The help of others.  I miss this because I like to try it on my own for a while first. Some might call it a pride thing but I am learning it’s more of a not so smart thing because the relationships we have are significant to us being able to get to the next level in our life. They can also be what keeps me stuck.

John Maxwell says there are lifters and Leaners. Those who build and those who hold you down. He calls this principle the Law of the inner circle and Dr. Henry Cloud says it is the power of the other. No matter what you call it, it is critical for me to be intentional about who I give influence in my life.

Be it a friend, coach, mentor or one of the family, having the right people around you will play a big part in helping you get to the next level.  Who are your others?  

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