No Man Ever Steps into the Same River Twice

I was listening to a podcast this morning and Greg Boyd quoted an ancient Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus,  who said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice”. 

If that sounds confusing to you. It did to me as well.  

But, Greg explained a bit more and I also googled the complete quote. 

Of course I did!

The part he left out completed the sentence by adding “for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

Think about it. The river is forever changing the landscape it flows through. Think about the man. How we are continually changing. Sure, the change is gradual, but take a look at an old picture of yourself compared to what you look like today. Do I recognize that old man in the mirror? Looks a lot more like my dad sometimes but the point is as Heraclitus also said “There is nothing permanent except change.” We not only change in physical appearance but we also change in other ways. We learn something new we are different. Experiences change us. People we meet change us. 

While we cannot change the fact that everything changes, we can direct that change by being intentional about it. I love to learn but often what I fail to do is to create an action from what I have learned. I need to be intentional about the change happening in my life and direct what I can. 

One of the ways I do that is I read a lot, listen to great thought leaders and attend events. I also host events and am hosting an event on October 30, 2019. I would invite you to check it out at

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