Just Because I Can

I was listening to a podcast this morning, and heard Dan Kent say “Just because I can do something doesn’t mean it is going to be easy”.

How True is that!

We get excited about something, start doing it and somewhere along the journey it gets really hard. I get discouraged and think to myself.

What is the point! Maybe I should just quit.

Maybe you also have been there. I don’t think I am alone.

Chances are the reason you started in the first place is that you believed in what you were doing and believed you would be successful. You saw the desired outcome and determined it was worthy of the try. We all need encouragement and the support of our community. I need the encouragement of others. I need you.

We need others in our lives who will support us. I need to be there to be supportive of you.

This is one of the reasons why I Host the Live2Lead event. Doing what we do every day can get us down. Even when you love what you do. I need to be energized! And It helps to meet with like-minded people where we can listen to thoughts presented by great leaders and to collaborate with each other on our own ideas.

John C. Maxwell identified the Law of the Inner Circle which stresses the importance of choosing the other people in our lives.  He presents the idea we cannot be successful on our own. Dr. Henry Cloud in his book “The Power of the Other” discusses ‘The Startling Effect Other People Have on You’. Like it or not, we are influenced by the Others in our life.  Whether for the Good or the bad.

Being aware of this influence is the first step. Being intentional and developing a plan to create your own inner circle is the second. When I am not intentional about my growth in all areas of my life, I can become passive. This passivity grows to complacency and complacency becomes apathy. Before you know it, I am spiraling downward and at risk of not fulfilling my potential.

Therefore, Not where I would like to be. My challenge is to be intentional in my personal growth.  Could this be your challenge as well?

If it is, I hope you will think Live2Lead is a good idea as well. I hope to see you on October 30, 2019.

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