I was Fat!

I was Fat. Did I get fat overnight? No. It was the result of many years of choosing unhealthy Food that was high energy but low nutrition. Or you could say, Food that tasted good and satisfied an immediate craving.

Fortunately, I made a positive choice to be intentional about what I ate and lost 40 lbs. To maintain that positive choice, it was necessary to change my mindset. A mindset that includes realizing the battle is never over. Every day I am challenged to not pick up that cookie or donut. I don’t always win. Sometimes the cookie does. 

The same principle is at work in other areas of life. Do I settle for the quick and easy things that give instant gratification or do I choose activities and mindsets that will take me from where I am, to where I want to be.

Almost everyone would like to change something in their life. I know I do. Just as I had to make the choice of eating better food, I also need to make a choice to do the activities, change my mindset and be intentional about my personal growth. That’s the first step. The second will be the subject of my next video. “The Power of the Other” 


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