Am I Connecting?

This last Wednesday, we had our Live 2 Lead event. It was awesome. I hope you were able to attend. If not, be sure to watch for one of our encore performances. 

I don’t want to spoil it for you so I will save most of my takeaways for another time but one of the things I really noticed was how each speaker connected with the audience. 

The reason they were able to connect so well was because of their authenticity. We connected with them because they were willing to take off the mask we all so often wear and show us they really cared about being with us. Participating with us where we had need. 

We saw that they were real people with real feelings and problems. We could relate. 

Think of what happens when you turn your cell phone on. The phone begins a process of searching for a network and connection happens when it finishes the authentication process. If the phone isn’t authenticated, the network won’t connect. 

I think we humans do likewise when we are searching for our network or community of people. There is a built-in protocol to our makeup that reaches out and asks ‘do you see me’ Do you accept me? Will you love me for who I am and not judge me.  

When we find our authenticated community and connect we feel safe, secure. Wanted and Loved. 

Maybe that hasn’t happened to you. Maybe the community you found took advantage of you in some way. Maybe they made you feel inferior. Or worthless. Maybe they just wanted to use you. 

Sometimes we connect to the wrong community. We find we are not in an environment conducive to our personal growth and well being.  We might begin to make false assumptions. It is easy for us to go from a place of hope to one where we think there is something wrong with us. If only I was as pretty as her, or smart like him. We doubt our ability. I might begin to think that maybe I’m not good enough. I might compare myself to others.  

It isn’t hard to see this isn’t where we want to be but making a change in our life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes we just live our life by default and not by design. 

If you want to be more intentional, there are steps to take that will help move you forward. Not always simple steps but it is important to recognize that we do have hope. 

I believe each of us is created as a masterpiece. We are loved with unsurpassable love by our creator and as a result, have unsurpassable worth. All of humanity is therefore equal. I am no better than you and you are no better than that other person. However, our circumstances are different making for an appearance of inequality. Life is never fair and some of us have had more advantages available than others. The inequality comes if I try to use my advantage to gain an unfair advantage over you. A simple example would be, I am your employer and instead of paying you a fair wage, I recognize your circumstances have created a real desperate need for the money and no opportunity to seek better circumstances so I decide not to pay you what you should be paid. Instead, what would it be like if I worked at helping you become the best person you can be. I provided opportunities for you to learn and acquire more skills. And you helped me become the best person I can be. Would that make a difference in our world today if each of us looked at life like that? 

I think it sounds like a nice thing but I also don’t think it is an easy thing to do. But I can take one step and see if there is someone I can add value to today. Would you be willing to do the same? 


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